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Boat Rentals by
"Rigas Marine"

Offer to you and your family, dream vacations by renting a boat from "Rigas Marine". The boat rental & storage company "Rigas Marine" in Argyraina area of Mykonos, offers a wide range of boats for rent at affordable prices, in order to be part of your holiday recollection.

All our boats are perfectly maintained and offered for rent at affordable prices. Our long experience, specialized know-how, as well as our personal engagement, guarantee integrated responsible and prompt services.

Discover on board all the beauty from the beaches of Mykonos and live an unforgettable experience.

About Rigas Marine

"Rigas Marine" has begun its activity as a yacht storage company in Mykonos, offering comprehensive Boat Services, Repairs, Maintenance and Storage for several years.

Our boat storage location in Argyraina of Mykonos, operates all year round and offer the entire range of services, required the maintenance and storage of your boat, with absolute professionalism and consistency.

Our passion and love for the sea and the boats have led us to create additional services, aiming at the properly and promptly services, meeting the needs of each customer.
So we offer Boat Rentals, speed-boat transfers, Help Line - On Board & Delivery to boats.
Rigas Marine

Boats Storage & Maintenance

"Rigas Marine" Boats Storage & Maintenance, offers high quality services with maximum safety, at the most affordable prices. In the perfectly secure parking area, we offer, throughout the year, exceptional storage service, maintenance, repairs and storage facilities.
Our experienced and responsible staff are well trained to provide any kind of technical support and repairs, as well as the necessary maintenance of each part of your boat, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for you. We have the experience and know-how to fully support and maintain your boat from the easiest work to the most difficult.
In addition, our place is located close to the sea and we can take the launch and haul of your boat.
Facilities & Services
Storage Facilities
Boat Storage places have all the necessary amenities.
  • Water
  • Current
  • 24-hour cameras - Services
  • Enclosure
  • Lighting in the evening
  • Hood - cover for your boat
24 Hours - Safety

The boat storage area is monitored on a 24-hour basis by CCTV and there is full night lighting.
So, we can secure the maximum security of your property.
Service - Boat Maintenance

We consistently and professionally undertake maintenance or repairing of your boat or its engine. We offer from washing, polishing, patching, to repair of your boat's engine.
Hauling - Launching
With extensive experience in the fields of hauling and launching of boats and thanks to our expertise and modern equipment we have, we are able to hauling or launching your boat safely regardless of weight and its dimensions.
Delivery to Boats
Make a list of the things you want to buy, contact us and we will take over the purchase and deliver it to your boat.
Services On Boat
  • Towing boats at sea.
  • Pumping - Firefighting onboard
  • Washing Boats on board with hot water
Yacht Provisioning
Rigas Group focuses on providing the best Yacht Provisioning, offering quality local and global products. Our goal is to offer you both excellent quality products and a high level of services.

As a Services Provider Company in Mykonos, we have served from the smallest to the largest Superyacht. We are dedicated to meet the needs of yachts, supporting the work of captains & the leisure of visitors.

We provide custom delivery services to yachts, such as Meat, Fishes, Specialist, Organic, Dry Stores, Wines, Spirits, Beverages, etc.

In addition, we provide Laundry pickup & delivery services, as well as Private Transfers.

Excursions- Tours Transportation
Live a memorable experience on Board!
Choose the experience you want to live:
  • Daily trips
  • Browse Beaches
  • Tour the islands of the Cyclades
  • Transfer to a nearby island

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Help Line on Board!
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